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Mozy.com : Good Online Backup Service

Backing up your data online and regularly is one safe way to protect it. So, if at any time something happens to your computer, you will not be frantically searching for the missing data or make it again.

Many companies that provide online data backup services. But, the price offered is usually quite expensive, according to the services provided. There are also companies that provide low prices, but with no professional services.

Looking for companies that provide affordable and professional services is difficult. How to recognize the quality is to try it, but if we try it we risk losing money if the service disappointing.

For that we need a review of the party who can be trusted. This review is given in an honest and candid. According to some reviews about online data backup, Mozy review caught my attention.

Mozy.com is a company that provides online data backup services at a price $5.99/moth. The price is reasonable for the rendered service. Overall, Mozy scored 5/5.

Cost 4/5
Features 5/5
Speed 5/5
Reliability 5/5
Customer Service 4/5
Tech Support 5/5
Response Time 4/5
Overall Score 5/5

Mozy is a service with good quality. This service has limited downtime, if any at all. The tech support team is always available and ready to answer questions and help you. Customer service is always available, so if you call or chat will always be there to answer you.

For more details about Mozy, you can read a review mozy

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